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YES. It was the Republican Council that brought the Softball project to referendum and passed it in November 2021. The prior Democrat Council created and supported the Girls Softball Field Committee for almost 2 years but did not bring a project to referendum. The Republican led Council promised to secure the funding for the championship softball field that the committee wanted. Through a lot of hard work, we were able to deliver and passed the project at referendum. We also promised to secure state grant money to build the second field. The Town of Coventry applies for STEAP grants every year and we were confident we would receive that funding. We are happy that the Town did receive those funds.


Letter to the community:Building a New Softball Field (2021)


The Republican majority has kept its promise to build a tournament softball field that would meet the needs of the Girls Softball League as soon as possible. We have sent a plan to build a new softball field on the site of the transfer station Miller Richardson to referendum in November. The Council has approved using American Rescue Plan funds to relocate and improve the transfer station and the engineering and preliminary plans are already moving forward. This will enable the softball field to be constructed by the spring of 2022.


This field will meet all of the league’s priorities. It will be very visible from Route 31. It will become an integral part of the Miller Richardson complex and will enable the league to coordinate with the boys’ baseball league on things like a snack shack, bathrooms, and expanded parking. It will also help tie the fields at the landfill site to the complex as well. The Softball league has told the Council that one of their priorities would be their ability to sell and display banners as a fundraiser on the field fences and the location and visibility of this site will be perfect for that. And because this field is not located at a school, the league will be able to have better control over the availability and use of the field.


The League has set a longer-term goal of having a second field that they can use. The Council has asked the League to continue to do fundraise and the Council and Town Manager are looking for grant funds that may be available to help build a second field in the future. The Town Council typically applies for state STEAP grants and other state grants each year. We are committed to helping the league build a second field, in the near future. We are expecting that we can complete the second field without having to go back to Coventry taxpayers at another referendum.


The league continues to have the use of the five softball fields they are currently using, that the Council improved, at various school softball field sites as well. The Republican Council made this project a top priority for our term and our members put in countless hours working with the Softball Study Committee and Town Staff to make this happen. We are delivering on our promise.

We strongly support this project and ask that you VOTE YES on the question on the ballot on November 2 nd ..

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