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Matt O'Brien Jr


Our principles are guided by the conviction that less taxation and regulation on individuals and businesses; smaller, more efficient, and transparent government; and protection of individual rights and family values lead to prosperity and a higher quality of life. We believe that the role of government at any level is to implement the will of the people that it represents; and to protect life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of every citizen's happiness. We believe we are the guardians of a rich cultural and constitutional heritage, and that any greater taxation than is absolutely necessary is unethical, and puts an even greater, unnecessary burden on those who can least afford it. We are the champions of the hardworking, freedom-loving taxpayer. - Matt O'Brien Jr, Chairman

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Matthew O'Brien JR
Julie Blanchard
Matthew O'Brien SR
Scott Francis
Jamie DePaola




Timothy Ackert
Andrew Brodersen
Gayle Brodersen
Carol Chipkin
Thomas DeLucco
Peter DePaola

Erin Dutton
Julia Francis
John French
Carolyn Gerrity
Michael Gerrity

Patricia Hodge
James Houlberg
Frank Infante
Pamela Infante
Rich Marcinek
Carol Marcinek
Timothy Owens

John Peterson
Darby Pollansky

Inge Pope
JR Roberts

Courtney Rossignol
Daniel Rossignol
Pamela Sewell
Karl Thomas
Christina Williams

Richard Williams


Jennifer Blain
Chris Reiter
Cassie Slossar
Jean Ries
Rene Toutant


The Coventry Republican Town Committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month at Coventry Town Hall, 1712 Main Street at 7pm in Conference Room B, or in the Town Hall Annex. Interested Republicans are welcome, but are asked to email the RTC Chairman prior to the meeting:

Matt O'Brien Jr -

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