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"We believe in a bright future for Coventry, the wisdom of the people, and their commitment to family life in a beautiful, rural town. Our members believe in the generosity of the human spirit, in sharing experience and talents for the good of our community, and always being the first to step forward when our neighbors are in need."



  • Taxing the people any more than is absolutely necessary is immoral, oppressive, legalized theft. All forms of government exist for the people, and should be as small as possible, efficient, non-interfering, fully transparent and unoppressive.



  • Every student has a right to a quality education. Our public schools should be accountable to ensure that public funds are spent wisely, and efficiently. 


  • The State of Connecticut remains a mess and the State will continue to cut our grants for our schools every year for the foreseeable future.  The Democrat governor and legislature seem determined to push other unfunded mandates on our towns and even shift payments for State responsibilities for things like the State's teacher pension payments down to our towns.

  • The number of students in Coventry Schools has gone down by over 20% in the past 10 or so years and is predicted to continue going down.

  • We will communicate more with parents and seek their input on important decisions before they are finalized.  There has been tremendous turnover of staff in our schools and we will look for information about what is causing this turnover and find ways to support staff, build a more stable team and cut down on turnover.  We will provide better planning and work toward improving efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring the success of each project/initiative.

  • We will support our teachers and help them create programs that will challenge all of our children.


  • We will continue the expansion of our working relationships with nearby colleges and technical schools.


  • We will work to make our students safe in our schools, in buses, and while on the internet.


  • We will work to build a more transparent Board of Education in its decision making and financial matters. For example, most taxpayers would be very surprised to learn that the Board of Education ran a $515,000 surplus last school year and $495,000 the year before.  We want taxpayers to have full information about our school’s finances.  You should have been told about these surpluses and been informed about what they have been being spent on – all things that don’t appear in our budgets. Are there opportunities to spend that money more wisely with input from parents and taxpayers?

  • All citizens have the individual right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We believe in equality and protection of all constitutional rights.


  • It was the Republican Town Council that brought natural gas into Coventry.  This can be expanded in the future and with additional infrastructure improvements will be part of a package that will help improve Coventry’s attractiveness to new businesses and to helping existing businesses expand.

  • Republicans started Coventry down the road to setting up a MicroGrid for vital town buildings and Orchard Hill. This will provide a minimum of 19 days of continual operation through power outages and natural disasters.


  • The Republican Town Council began the project to extend the Bolton sewer line onto north Coventry along Route 44. We will see that through. It should lead to some opportunities for economic development in that area.


  • We must determine if there are possible updates/upgrades that can be made to our existing sewer plant that will enable us to provide additional capacity in the future. At the same time the WPCA has been aggressively trying to eliminate ground water leaks and improper water flows into the system. We will work with them to continue those efforts.


  • There has been some discussion about the possibility of locating a water tower somewhere near the Village.  This would provide water pressure for hydrants and potential sprinkler systems in that area.  In order to develop mixed use buildings (business below and living space above) sprinkler systems would be required. This is one item that has been holding back Village development.


  • The Republican Council worked with Coventry Soccer club and provided some of the funding for the new soccer field at Laidlaw park.


  • We improved the high school tennis courts and added an additional one which has resulted in the high school being able to hold home matches for the first time.


  • Republicans have been actively supporting improving our athletic facilities and are committed to finding a very positive solution for our Girls Softball League’s needs.


  • We will continue the treatments of our lakes to kill the invasive plants that have begun to infest them – Hydrilla and Fantwort.


  • Republicans worked with our fire departments and purchased a ladder truck for 1/3 the price of an almost identical new truck that the Democrats took to a failed referendum, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands. The Republican Council also purchased a much needed water tanker truck.


  • Working with our fire departments and staff we were able to find VERY cost effective ways to provide what our departments needed at a much lower cost.  Not simply going out to bid but expanding our search for opportunities to purchase the very same equipment at a fraction of the cost.  We should always look at all the options and always choose the most cost effective option that best meets the town’s needs.


  • The contract to provide ambulance service through outside coverage due to lapses in our volunteer coverage began under the Republican Council and we worked with the town manager and helped fashion that deal favorably for the Town. We will continue the effort to help the departments work together more efficiently.


  • Republicans hope to step up Coventry’s efforts to attract new businesses to town to provide local services to taxpayers and help lessen the property tax burden on our property owners.


We believe that we are guardians of a rich cultural history, and our national heritage. We believe that the strength of our community is derived from our families, and in our diversity. It is our responsibility as citizens to contribute our talents to enrich Coventry, and deliver a brighter and better future to the next generation.

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