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There shall be a registrar of voters for each political party in each voting district who shall be elected in accordance with the General Statutes. No elector shall vote for more than one (1) registrar. The registrars of voters shall have all the powers and perform such other duties as may be imposed upon them by ordinances not inconsistent with General Statutes.


There shall be five (5) members of the board of tax review, whose term of office shall be as provided by General Statutes.


There shall be five (5) members of the zoning board of appeals and three (3) alternate members of the zoning board of appeals, whose term of office shall be for two (2) years.

BOARD OF EDUCATION (4 potential Republican seats)

The board of education shall consist of seven (7) members, whose term of office shall be for two (2) years. The board of education shall be responsible for the conduct of the educational system of the town.

TOWN COUNCIL (5 potential Republican seats)


The town council shall have the powers and duties which, on the effective date of this Charter [November 4, 1969,] were conferred by law upon officers, boards and commissions of said town existing immediately prior to such date except as otherwise specifically provided in this Charter. The legislative power of the towns shall be vested exclusively in the council except as otherwise specified in this Charter. Said council shall have the power to enact, amend or repeal ordinances not inconsistent with this Charter or the General Statutes of the state; to create or abolish, by ordinance, boards, commissions, departments and offices; and the council may contract for services and the use of facilities of the United States or any federal agency, the State of Connecticut or any political subdivision to incorporate any nationally recognized code, rules, or regulations that have been printed in body form, or any code officially adopted by any administrative agency of the state or portion thereof, by reference thereto in such ordinance; provided, upon adoption of any such ordinance wherein any such code, rules or regulations or portions thereof have been incorporated by reference, there shall be maintained two copies of such code, rules or regulations in the office of the town clerk for examination by the public. Said council may by resolution, regulate the internal operation of boards, commissions and offices which it fills by appointment. Said council may fix the charges, if any, to be made for services rendered by the town or for the execution of powers vested in the town as provided in Chapter I of this Charter.


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