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 Christina Williams
Board of Education

"Creative Solutions & Strategic Vision: Preparing Students to be Successful in Today's Environment."

  • Wife & Mother of 4 with 16 years of vested interest in the district's success

  • Coventry Board of Education 2019-present

  • Staunch advocate of parental rights

  • Father was career Air Force- "I was brought up with military values, and military respect."

  • 20 years of Program Management and Engineering experience

  • Will combat the slow erosion of parental rights, fight for real curriculum review & transparency, District accountability and student safety

  • "Parents know best. We cannot remove families from the educational equation."

  • Will continue to listen to the Community, volunteer in the schools, and innovate to problem solve.

"Together, We Can Find Reasonable Solutions."

  • Mom of 2, Wife, & proactive parent

  • Served 1 term on Board of Education

  • Served 2 terms on Coventry Zoning Board of Appeals (one as alternate and one as Chair)

  • Assistant Coach for CHS Crew Club / Coventry Lake Community Rowing

  • International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (2017)

  • "I'm running because of the lack of trust for our BOE, and poor leadership from those who are supposed to be our elected leaders."

  • "We will restore faith back into our community- by being unafraid to ask the tough questions and tackle uncomfortable topics."

Courtney Rossignol
Board of Education
Joe Cleary
Board of Education

"For Too Long, Coventry's Family

and Taxpayer Voices Have Been Ignored and Disregarded. It's Time to Change that Narrative."

  • Dad of 3 & Husband

  • Successful Business Owner

  • Coach for 15 years K-12

  • Founded 'Christmas Surprise' in Coventry

  • Served 2 terms as the HEEC PTO President

  • 15 years of successful business & budget development

"I Always Look After the Taxpayers' Money as if it Were My Own."

  • Dad & Husband

  • Served 3 terms on Coventry Town Council, currently on the Town Council Finance Committee

  • Served 2 terms on Coventry Board of Education, one as Vice Chair and the other as Chair of the Finance Committee

  • Experience in budgeting, contracts, and the development of technology programs

  • Provides inquisitive, clear and thoughtful input into discussions, often driving Q&A

  • Established the open space fund to protect Coventry's rural character and spearheaded the drive to "dump the green bags."

Richard Williams
Board of Education
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