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Family Values Matter:

Parents Rights

Family is the child’s first and most important teacher. Republican's support the family in establishing its own values. Republicans value transparency between school and home.

Democrats have demonstrated the family’s input is not valued.



Watch board chair try to prevent a child from speaking at a board meeting:






Listen to the  seventh grade students speak on August 31, 2023 on their concern about being asked for their pronouns and replacement of the American flag for the pride flag


Learn about the Wesleyan University controversy





Republicans made a motion to mandate the district to provide parent communication prior to such content to allow for parents to opt out. No communication was provided to parents prior to the material. Vote passed.  (Two democrats voted against parental rights)

Motion: "To follow the recommendations of Mr. Blake and Dr. Petrone that a general notice would go out to parents that the health curriculum is coming up with broad stroke topics noted and for more questions, or if there are concerns, to contact the school" 

Result: Motion passes 5-2 (J. Beausoleil, M. Kortmann against)


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