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Wesleyan ASHA Controversy

In October of 2022, Wesleyan University was invited in to talk to the 9th grade health class. During their presentation they asked 9th graders (13 year olds, the different types of sexual intercourse. Students sat in silence, shocked. They did not answer any question. They returned home to report the situation to their parents. 

During the October 27, 2022 BOE Meeting, Dr. Petrone and Mr. Blake covered the conversation as it was an answer to a students question. The BOE discussed the topics covered in the 9th grade class. The discussion was in violation of internet standards for sexual content and the video is not posted on the town's video on demand system. However, it was still deemed appropriate to have with 13 year olds.



Additionally, Wesleyan handed out resource links to the class, which included out of state resources, broken links, and resources on abortion. No resource on family planning, adoption, and/or local resources like WIC. 

On November 10, 2022 A student in the class came to audience of citizens and described what transpired in class. Wesleyan brought up and drove that conversation - not a student. 

Feel free to watch below:











Republicans moved for a vote to remove Wesleyan University students from being guest lecturers on sensitive topics and it was voted down along party lines. Democrats voted to keep anal penetration discussions for 13 year olds in the school. 

Motion: To discontinue the use of Wesleyan University guest speakers with respect to any talks on student health. By C. Williams Seconded: C. Rossignol

Result: Motion failed 3-4 (P. DePaola, C. Rossignol, C. Williams for and J. Beausoleil, E. Eaton, M. Kortmann, E. Marchand against)

Republicans made a motion to mandate the district to provide parent communication prior to such content to allow for parents to opt out. No communication was provided to parents prior to the material. Vote passed.  (Two democrats voted against parental rights)

Motion: "To follow the recommendations of Mr. Blake and Dr. Petrone that a general notice would go out to parents that the health curriculum is coming up with broad stroke topics noted and for more questions, or if there are concerns, to contact the school" 

Result: Motion passes 5-2 (J. Beausoleil, M. Kortmann against)



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