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  • Office Manager at a law firm

  • Professional Legal Assistant

  • Vice Chair of the Coventry Republican Town Committee

  • Entrepreneur and Coventry small business owner

  • Coventry Board of Ed 2003-2005

  • Town Council Chair 2005-2007, 2015-2017, 2019-2021

  • Town Council Member 2007-2011, 2017-2019

  • Windham Region Council of Governments member and Secretary

  • Served as President of the Hans Christian Andersen Montessori Board

  • Strong supporter of governmental transparency and accountability

  • Supporter of the Coventry Police and Fire Departments

Julie Blanchard
Town Council
  • Recently moved to Coventry from Windham

  • Served on Windham Board of Finance '86-'99 (Chairman '90-'99)

  • Oversaw the entire budget for the town and Board of Ed

  • Businessman, designer, carpenter

  • Owns Willimantic Interior Design Gallery

  • Greatest Asset is bringing people together for the good of the community

  • Will bring business skills to make the town government more fluid, less regulatory, and more transparent.

  • "We need to work together. We must all be on the same page- let's make Coventry the best place that we can by making it affordable and a great place to work and live."

John French
Town Council
O'Brien Jr.png
Matthew O'Brien Jr
Town Council
  • New father and proactive parent

  • Chairman of the Coventry Republican Town Committee

  • Coventry Town Council Steering Chair 2019-present

  • Investment Advisor at a Fortune 100 Firm

  • 31-year resident of Coventry

  • Has worked relentlessly for local and statewide Republican candidates

  • Ran for Republican State Party Chairman in 2019

  • State Secretary for the Connecticut Republican Assembly

  • Will continue to focus on keeping Coventry's taxes low and streamlining Town projects for cost effectiveness

  • "The loss of freedom and liberty during the pandemic has crushed small businesses and pushed people to their breaking point. I pledge to do everything in my power to preserve your rights."

  • Coventry small business owner, Farmer, Scientist, and Educator

  • Served as a Research Assistant at Yale University Medical School, a public and private school teacher and Library Assistant.

  • Served on the Coventry Zoning Board of Appeals 2014-2019

  • Running to combat the loss of individual freedom and liberty both during the pandemic and going forward

  • "Decisions are being made by non-elected bureaucrats and not by elected officials with the consent of the people."

Carol Chipkin
Town Council
O'Brien Sr.png
Matthew O'Brien Sr
Town Council
  • Successful small business owner in Coventry, 31 years (Executive Recruiter)

  • MBA in Finance, Boston University

  • BS, University of Notre Dame

  • Served 6 terms on the Coventry Town Council

  • Served on Coventry Board of Education 1997-1999

  • Strong analytical skills - provides leadership on the town budget, financial issues and contracts

  • Works hard to identify the needs of the community and improve quality of life, providing services at reasonable costs

  • Continuously fights for greater transparency and full disclosure to taxpayers

  • Supports our Police and Fire Services

  • "I will continue to push for meaningful reporting by the BOE and Town, and find ways to use every tax dollar appropriately."



  • New mother & proactive parent

  • Served 2 terms on Coventry Zoning Board of Appeals (one as alternate and now as Chair)

  • Assistant Coach for CHS Crew Club / Coventry Lake Community Rowing

  • International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (2017)

  • "I'm running because of the lack of trust for our BOE, and poor leadership from those who are supposed to be our elected leaders."

  • "We will restore faith back into our community- by being unafraid to ask the tough questions and tackle uncomfortable topics."

Courtney Rossignol
Board of Education
C Williams.png
 Christina Williams
Board of Education
  • Mother of 4 with 16 years of vested interest in the district's success

  • Coventry Board of Education 2019-present

  • Staunch advocate of parental rights

  • Father was career Air Force- "I was brought up with military values, and military respect."

  • 20 years of Program Management and Engineering experience

  • Will combat the slow erosion of parental rights, fight for real curriculum review & transparency, District accountability and student safety

  • "Parents know best. We cannot remove families from the educational equation."

  • Will continue to listen to the Community, volunteer in the schools, and innovate to problem solve.

  • Coventry small business owner

  • Served 3 terms on Coventry Town Council, currently on the Town Council Finance Committee

  • Secretary of the Town Council

  • Served 2 terms on Coventry Board of Education, one as Vice Chair and the other as a member of the Finance Committee

  • Experience in budgeting, contracts, and the development of technology programs

  • Provides inquisitive, succinct and thoughtful input into discussions, often driving Q&A

  • Established the open space fund to protect Coventry's rural character and spearheaded the drive to "dump the green bags."

R Williams.png
Richard Williams
Board of Education
  • Adjunct Professor at Goodwin University teaching Business Operations Management and Current Topics in Business

  • Strong background in strategic leadership, lean operations, finance and transformational management

  • Marine Corps veteran and co-founder of the CT Veterans Day Race in Coventry

  • Recently retired as the Chief Operating Officer for an institutional pharmacy

  • Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors Member 2003-2009

  • Served on Coventry Board of Education 1995-1999

Peter DePaola
Board of Education



Thomas DeLucco
Zoning Board Of Appeals
  • Federal Express Logistics Specialist, Air Ground Freight Services Division since 1988

  • Brigade of the American Revolution member, an International Living History Organization where he is serving on the National Board of Directors (24 years)

    • Board Member at Large: 18 years​

    • Organization President: 6 years

  • Experience with large organization oversight, logistics, contract negotiation, and planning & coordination at the local, municipal, county, and state levels

  • Results-based mentality and a strong desire to complete every task efficiently

  • Will work to verify that our Zoning and Building laws are adhered to by builders and contractors

  • "I am a firm believer in the greatness of the United States, our system of government, our laws, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments. I fully support the idea of "America First" as expressed by the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan & Donald J. Trump."

  • Retired from American Nuclear Insurers after 32 years

  • Worked in specialty insurance, banking relationships, and cash management

  • Seeks to be of service to the citizens of Coventry

Patricia Hodge
Zoning Board Of Appeals Alt
M Gerrity.png
  • Currently serves on the Coventry Zoning Board of Appeals as an Alternate

  • Professional experience as an Electrician, Electrical Contractor, Senior Estimator & Senior Project Manager

  • Has a keen interest in reviewing ZBA requests

  • Will work to understand applicant requests and appropriately apply Zoning Laws

  • Former Pomfret, CT RTC Vice-Chairman

  • "The residents of Coventry deserve fair and unbiased due process."

Michael Gerrity
Zoning Board Of Appeals
  • Retired from the Judicial Department in Superior Court as a court reporter for 35 years

  • Experience and diverse knowledge as a court reporter for Zoning Board hearings

  • 42 year resident of Coventry with a passion for giving back to the community in a positive way

  • "I believe in keeping our community's special rural character while allowing for sensible growth."

Carol Marcinek
Zoning Board Of Appeals
William Hall
Zoning Board Of Appeals
  • Member of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut serving on the State Central Committee and as the Tolland County Affiliate Chairman

  • Maintenance Supervisor at Peak Campus

  • Experience in management, and small business ownership (Sagittarian Archery School)

  • Respects the balance between progression as a town and keeping the "village" feel that is important to so many of us

  • Has experience serving on many boards and committees

  • Understands the responsibility and importance of elected representation

  • Will fight to reduce barriers to business and encourage personal property rights and environmental stewardship

  • "The government lockdown in 2020 destroyed my dream of opening a new full-time archery club in Coventry. Since then, I have become very politically active, and have vowed to fight against the overreach of government into our lives."

  • Owner/Operator of Cassidy Hill Vineyard in Coventry

  • Was the American Wine Society's Connecticut "2016 Wineperson of the Year"

  • Coventry resident and property owner for 20 years

  • Graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Mathematics

  • Graduate degree from Yale University (Mathematics)

  • Graduate degree from Cornell University (Actuarial Science)

  • Former insurance executive and corporate actuary at Phoenix Mutual (28 years)

  • Married to Carol Chipkin, 51 years: son David and grand-daughter Rowan

No Image Male.png
Robert Chipkin
Zoning Board of Appeals
C Garrity.png
Carolyn Gerrity
Zoning Board of Assessment Appeals
  • Pratt & Whitney Sr Financial Analyst - Military Programs

  • Certified Program Management Professional

  • Experience as a business manager, business consultant (NATO & US Navy R&D), and financial planning

  • Excellent negotiator- has worked with engineers and program offices to reach monetary and scheduling compromises

  • Will reach fair and equitable compromises between town revenue needs and residents' needs

  • Served on the Pomfret, CT Board of Finance from 2004-2018, and as Vice Chair from 2008-2018

  • Excited to give back to the community as a volunteer

  • "I believe the most effective, responsive, and responsible government is the one closest to the individual."

No Image Female.png
Cassie Slossar
Zoning Board of Assessment Appeals
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